Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (#LunarNewYear)

= 12 × 168

     Wishing all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year ... or more accurately a Lunar New Year – many other Asians (e.g. the Japanese and the Koreans) also celebrate this festival.  This year  2016  is mathematically special, because it is the product of  12  and  168.  12  is a lucky number for Western people (e.g. 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 days of Christmas)  and “8” is especially auspicious in Chinese because it sounds like /  [fa in Mandarin,] which means to prosper or to grow.  168 sounds like 一路发 [yaad lou faat in Cantonese] which is to prosper all the way through life.

     I think this year will be challenging, because the Fire Monkey could be monkeying around even more with the economy and world peace.  Nevertheless if all human beings can unite together and learn to think critically, creatively and logically (and mathematics is about all these), the planet Earth can be a better place.  So best wishes to one and all!

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