Friday, January 20, 2012

About this blog

     This is a blog discussing real **hard-core** Singapore school Mathematics by a true-blue Singaporean educator for struggling students and parents in Singapore and around the world, as well as for fellow educators.

     Note that this is not "Singapore Math". Firstly, mathematics is universal -- it just tastes slightly different in different countries. Secondly, the power of the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum did not originate from Singapore, but rather the curriculum planners (chief among whom was Dr Kho Tek Hong, now retired) integrated the best ideas of Bruner, Dienes, Piaget, Polya, Vygotsky and Skemp into a curriculum and the schools (more or less) implemented it.  Thirdly, in Singapore, we just call it "Maths" (with an 's' at the end).

     So actually, thre is no such thing as Singapore Mathematics as such.  The so called "Singapore Mathematics" is just mathematics as done in Singapore, including the syllabii in schools, homes, tuition/enrichment centres and wherever.  I hope to expose the secrets of the maths whizzes (e.g. slick tricks, clever short-cuts, heuristics and metacognition), and show how these are applied to solve difficult mathematics questions.  I also hope to discuss issues regarding mathematics education, and education in general.

WARNING: This blog may seriously improve your mathematics and/or challenge your cherished ideas regarding education.

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